Making jobs and smiles
MANY YEARS of practice, analysis, experiences, experiments
All led back to a simple formula: Simplify it, determine it, enjoy it. Make it right and it will certainly fall into place. Our formula is to factor in the core values, create the idea with a sole focus on our people, guests, and product. Quality and service are our driving force, a team sharing the same passion, a direction driven by determination, speed and true results.
Our business
Azumi group
Azumi Limited is an award-winning global restaurant business with proven brands offering contemporary dining in key cosmopolitan locations. Co-founders Arjun Waney and Rainer Becker began Azumi's journey with the opening of Zuma London in 2002. This was quickly followed by ROKA in 2004. Azumi's restaurant portfolio has expanded to include another three brands: ETARU, Oblix at The Shard, and INKO NITO.
paris society
Paris Society has been practising the art of restoration for 5 years with the conviction that nothing in this profession should be left to chance or taken for granted. But also that this art can be reinvented by surrounding ourselves with the greatest professionals. By making each restaurant a place of life, from morning until night, and by distilling atmospheres that cannot be found anywhere else. By offering a generous and sincere chef's cuisine, and attentive, and personalised service to the highest degree. And finally, by nestling them in exceptional settings with breathtaking views of Paris or in secret hideaways, sublimated by the best architects. Welcome to Paris Society tables!
7529 Al Muhandis Masaed Al Angari Sulaymaniyah District, Riyadh KSA
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